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Сюжеты на церквях

Оригинал взят у kardiologn в Сюжеты на церквях

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

Сhurch of St Paul, Narbonne (Aude).

12th century façade at Tuscania (Viterbo)

TACCA, Pietro
[Italian Baroque Era Sculptor, 1577-1640]
Fountain (detail)1629
Piazza Santissima Annunziata, Florence

Re-used sculptures are on the façade of St Hilaire de Toulon near Chauvigny

Notre-Dame de Paris.

Мonster at Cornellana (Asturias)



This image dating back to the 11th century has survived centuries of attempts to eradicate objects thought to be obscene. Sheela-Na-Gigs were carved on the exteriors and interiors of churches in 11th and 12th century Ireland, England and France. Sheela-Na-Gig is also seen as another appearance of the Great Mother, a pre-Christian fertility idol, an ancient Celtic goddess, a pagan good-luck symbol, and protection against evil.


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