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Веселые картинки. Ад, пожары, Наполеон и дьявол.

Originally posted by marinni at Веселые картинки. Ад, пожары, Наполеон и дьявол.

Ад, пожары, Наполеон и дьявол.

Hell, Hans Memling

Hell. Portuguese School

The Wicker Man, from 'The History of the Nations'
Плетеный человек.



dante porté par géryon

Данте и ростовщики
Dante et les usuriers
gautier de coincy, miracles de nostre dame 14 век

, Dante porté par Géryon
15 век

Dante's Inferno with a commentary by Guiniforte degli Bargigi
Italian School


Hell, right hand panel from the Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation, c.1485
Hans Memling

Hell and the Seven Sins, from a catechism published by 'La Bonne Presse'
French School

Orpheus with a Harp Playing to Pluto and Persephone in the Underworld
Jan the Elder Brueghel

Tondal's Vision, detail of the burning gateway
Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch

Christ in Limbo
Hieronymus Bosch

The Triumph of the Guillotine in Hell
Nicolas Antoine Taunay

Jan Brueghel The Elder - AENEAS AND THE SIBYL IN THE UNDERWORLD, Oil on Copper 1598.

Inferno By Unknown Artist, 1520
Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Lisboa Portuga


The Torment of Hell

The Torment of the Damned in Hell
French School


Man stoking a fire, late 16th century Rhenish school

Detail of city in flames with devil riding above, probably depicting hell

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
Joachim Patinir

The Burning of Troy
Nicolas Poussin

Walpurghis Night, 1862
Gustav Adolph Spangenberg

The Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, engraved by Louis Haghe
David Roberts

------------------Пожар Москвы----------------------------
The Burning of Moscow, September 1812, engraved by Thomas Sutherland
Пожар Москвы
William Heath

The Burning of Moscow in 1812, 1854
Jean Charles Langlois

================Наполеон-сатирические картинки=============

Print made by J Lewis Marks (hand colored etching) 1814

Print made by Isaac Cruikshank "The Devil wont take him, what a pity!!!" (hand colored etching) 1800-1805

Print made by Thomas Rowlandson "The flight of Bonaparte from Hell-Bay." (hand colored etching) 1815

Print made by Charles Williams, After George Moutard Woodward "Buonaparte and his old friends on their travels!!" (hand colored etching) 1808
"The Devil pushes Napoleon down a slope towards the jaws of Hell

Artist unknown, "Dal braccio vostro, almi Sovrani, attende ..." (hand colored etching) 1799
"Satire on the oppression of Italy by the French revolutionary army: at right French soldiers, led by Napoleon

Print made by Thomas Rowlandson "Hell broke loose or the devil to pay among the darling angels." (hand colored etching) 1809

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Рай и ад, Дьявол- все посты-ТУТ


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