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Дамы с собачками. 15-20 век.

Originally posted by marinni at Дамы с собачками. 15-20 век.

Дамы с собачками. 15-20 век.

Henriette-Anne d'Angleterre, duchesse d'Orleans (1644-1670) by ? (Versailles)

Agnolo Bronzino.Portrait of a Lady with a Puppy.1532-36

Louis Gauffier (1761-1801), Portrait of Elizabeth Vassal

---------------Мифология, аллегории----------

Venus and an Organist and a Little Dog

Titian(Tiziano Vecelli)
Venus and Cupid with a Partridge. Reclining Venus and Amor,around 1550 Oil on canvas,139,2 x 195,5 cm Painted together with his son Orazio Vecellio.


Diane chasseresse - Diana hunting. The Diana is Diane de Poitiers. The painting was inspired by a bronze by Primaticcio. Oil on canvas
Louvre,Dpt.des Peintures, Paris, France

Rubens - Diana cazadora 1620

Hunting Diana
Paolo Veronese
about 1570
Oil on canvas, 28 x 26 cm
Sankt Petersburg, Hermitage

Holiday, Henri (1839-1927) - Artemis, Queen and Huntress

-------------------15 век----------------

У христиан собака ассоциируется с верностью, бдительностью, супружеской верностью. Иногда собаку изображали сидящей возле ног или на коленях замужней женщины, как символ верности супругу.

Jan van Eyck - Arnolfini double portrait

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553)
Portraits of Henry the Pious, Duke of Saxony and his wife Katharina von Mecklenburg
Oil on canvas transferred from

Portrait of a Lady with a Lap-dog
------------------16 век---------------

Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) (1528–1588), 1580 Livia Colonna

Eleonora Gonzaga della Rovere by Titian, 1536 - Uffizi Gallery, Firenze

16th Century portrait of Eleonora of Toledo
Recently found portrait with Cavalier King Charles

Portrait of a Woman with a Small Dog

Portrait Of A Lady With A Puppy
Agnolo Bronzino 1532-36
(b. 1503, Firenze, d. 1572, Firenze)
Oil on panel, 87 x 70.5 cm (89 x 70 cm)
Frankfurt, Stadelsches Kunstinstitut


1589 Elizabeth Brydges, maid of honor to Queen Elizabeth by Hieronimo Custodis (Woburn Abbey, Woburn UK)

1560s early Isabella de' Medici Orsini with a dog by Alessandro Allori (private collection)

1590s Lady by Lavinia Fontana (private collection)


1617 Anne Denmark by Paul van Somer (location unknown to gogm)

Henriette-Anne d'Angleterre, duchesse d'Orleans (1644-1670) by ? (Versailles)

1620 Queen Margarita of Austria by Bartolomé González y Serrano (Prado)


Caroselli Angelo(1585-1652) A Lady With Her Dog An Allegory


Maria Leopoldine (1632-1649), Archduchess and Empress, second wife of Emperor Ferdinand III, died in child- birth aged 17. Canvas, 203 x 137 cm Inv. 7148
Portraitgalerie,Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck, Austria

----------------Eleonora Gonzaga---------

Eleonora Gonzaga (1598-1655), wife of Emperor Ferdinand III, in her wedding dress. White brocade, metal threads, design of small golden branches, ruffs of Venetian lace. Canvas, 188 x 125 cm - Inv. 7146

Eleonora Gonzaga (1598-1655), wife of Emperor Ferdinand III Canvas, 207 x 108 cm
Kunsthistorisches Museum,Gemaeldegalerie, Vienna, Austria

Eleonora Gonzaga, daughter of Carlo Gonzaga, Count of Rethel, wife of Emperor Ferdinand III (1608-1657), portrayed as Diana. Oil on canvas (around 1651) 153 x 126 cm.
Kunsthistorisches Museum,Gemaeldegalerie, Vienna, Austria


Mieris, Frans van - Woman before the mirror - c 1670

Mieris,Willem van
Le The - Teatime. Canvas,42 x 34 cm INV.1548
Louvre,Dpt.des Peintures, Paris, France


Gerard Terborch: The Music Lesson

Jacob Ochtervelt: The Music Lesson

Metsu, Gabriel - A Young Woman Composing Music and a Curious Man - c 1664

Woman Reading a Letter (detail)

Lady with a Pet Dog

--------------------18 век----------------


1776 Maria Christina, Archduchess and Duchess of Teschen by Johann Zoffany (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien)


Ceruti, Giacomo - A woman with her dog - c 1740

Woman with a Dog Rosalba Carriera (Italian, 1675-1757). Cleveland Museum of Art


Joseph-Siffred Duplessis (1725-1802) - Portrait of Madame Freret Dericourt.
Detail.The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art


Louis Gauffier (1761-1801), Portrait of Elizabeth Vassal


The Interrupted Sleep François Boucher (French, 1703–1770) 1750. MET, NYC

--------------------19 век----------------

Nude Woman with Dog

Tissot, James Young woman in a boat - 1870

Forest Brush, George de - A Celtic Huntress - 1890

LeBlanc Stewart, Julius - Les Dames Goldsmith au Bois de Boulogne en 1897 sur une voiturette - 1901

White, John Alexander - Portrait of Anna Palmer Draper - 1888

Corcos, Vittorio (1859-1933) - An elegant lady with her faithful companion

-------------------20 век----------------------

Alciati, Ambrogio - Elegant woman with her dog - 1915

Boldini, Giovanni - Portrait of Lady Lina Bilitis with Two Pekinese

Dupas, Jean - Woman with stole - 1929

Domergue. Jean-Pierre - Woman with greyhounds - 1930

Icart, Louis - Favorite scent

Miller, Marjorie - Queen of the night - 1931

Freud, Lucian - Girl with a white dog - 1951-52

Еще по теме:

Bitch. 1648

BALDUCCI, Matteo Diana and Actaeon

Vision of St Eustace
c. 1440

СОБАКИ В ИЗО, все посты-ТУТ

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