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Аптеки "Ангел" и старинная аптечная посуда.

Originally posted by marinni at Аптеки "Ангел" и старинная аптечная посуда.

Аптеки "Ангел" и старинная аптечная посуда.

На старинной аптечной посуде часто встречаются изображения святых, и во многих странах есть аптеки с названием "Ангел".

Аптека "Ангел".Halle/Saale.


------------------Engel Apotheke-----------

Одна из самых старых аптек с таким названием.
Die Engel Apotheke in Darmstadt ist das älteste phamazeutische Unternehmen
the Engel Apotheke (angel apothecary) is the world's oldest pharmaceutical compa and root of the Merck KGaA
end of 18th century


Drug store angel at the "Engel Apotheke"
Lindau, Germany

Insel Lindau

Apotheke- golden angel
Kleinschmieden 6 in Halle

golden angel
found on a pharmacy in Halle/Saale.


Goldener Engel auf dem Dach der Engel-Apotheke.

Engel der Engel-Apotheke vor der Haube des Stadtkirchturms am Gießener Kirchenplatz.


Rathaus und Engel-Apotheke

1704 erbaut auf den Grundmauern eines im 30-jährigen Krieg zerstörten Vorgängerbaus aus dem 15. Jh.. Nach dem Siebenjährigen Krieg Bau des Turmes, Wetterfahne von 1767

Engel Apotheke, Marktplatz

Jahrhundert gab es eine Apotheke in Mergentheim. Hier sind der Rezepturtisch (Mitte 18. Jahrhundert) und der Waaghalter (1753, wohl von Johann Georg Oegg)

Städtereise nach Ravensburg
Altes Apotheken-Schild an der modernen Engel-


Eine Institution im "Viertel" war das Café Engel in der ehemaligen Apotheke...seit diesem Jahr ist es das

Engel-Apotheke in Gießen

Fulda Engel Apotheke

From here


Ангел в старинной аптеке 18 века, Флоренция
Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella, Florence. The older part of the pharmacy with a gilded baroque angel.
Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy

---------------Engel Apotheke-Вена---------------

Facade of the pharmacy - Oskar Laske (1901-1902) - Vienna

From here

-----------------Аптечная посуда------------------


Albarello vase, Italy, 1520-1580

Albarello pharmacy jar for mercury ointment, Italy, 1520-1560

Albarello drug jar, Venice, Italy, 1571-1630

Pharmacy jar, used for nerve ointment, The Netherlands, 1730-1780
мази для нервов

Albarello pharmacy jar, Spain, 1600-1625
The jar has the label “L. SAPHIRUS”, which refers to Lapis Saphirus. This translates from the Latin as “sapphire stone”. Sapphires were used as an ingredient in several drugs, as were other precious stones such as emeralds and rubies.

Drug jar, Italy, 1500-1700

От сифилиса
Albarello drug jar for Sublimate of Mercury, Italy, 1501-1800
Mercury compounds were traditional treatments for syphilis – a once very common, potentially deadly venereal disease. But this toxic treatment slowly poisoned the patient. Sublimate of Mercury, if soaked into a piece of cloth and carried next to the heart, was also believed to protect against plague.

Albarello drug jar for Sanicle, Italy, 1601-1800

Albarello drug jar, Sicily, 1601-1670

Albarello drug jar, Sicily, 1601-1670

Albarello drug jar, Italy, 1600-1700
The decoration of this colourful earthenware drug jar shows the emblem of the Franciscan Order: two arms surrounding a crucifix displaying stigmata.

-------------------Для хинина---------------------

Для хинина
Glass pharmacy jar for powdered quinine, Europe, 1601-1700

Drug jar for cinchona bark, Italy, 1701-1730
Хина была использована, чтобы предотвратить сильное кровотечение и диарея, но более известна как источник хинина.

Drug jar for cinchona bark, Italy, 1701-1730
This earthenware jar was used to store cinchona bark. Cinchona was used to prevent heavy bleeding and diarrhoea but is better known as a source of quinine.


Pharmacy storage jar used for Theriac, Bordeaux, France, 1725-1755

Pharmacy storage jar used for Theriac, Bordeaux, France, 1725-1755


Albarello drug jar used for Lacc, Italy, 1701-1730
‘Lacc’ is short for Gum Lacca, a resin secreted by insects living on certain trees, although for a long time it was thought to be from the trees themselves.

Albarello drug jar, Italy, 1720-1790

Для животного жира
Albarello drug jar used to store badger fat, Italy, 1585

Snake-shaped storage jar, Europe, 1801-1900

--------------- для дозирования---------------

Dispensing pot, Europe, 1746

Dispensing pot for laudanum, Italy, 1771-1830

Dispensing pot for Holloway's ointment, England, 1839-1867


Pharmacy storage jar for Blessed Thistle Water, Italy, 1702

Pharmacy storage jar, Italy, 1501-1600
Many Christians have long believed that the saints are able to plead with God on their behalf and that particular saints can give protection against, or help cure, specific illnesses. Painted on the earthenware jar (on the right hand side of the photograph) is the figure of St John the Baptist, who baptised Jesus.

Drug jar showing St John the Baptist, Italy, 1570-1630

Pharmacy jar, Italy, 1730-1750
This pharmacy jar is illustrated with scenes of a circumcision and three devils’ heads. Entwined snakes form the handles.

Pharmacy vase, Italy, 1740
On the pharmacy jar on the right, the blue and white decorations show scenes of a Roman cavalry charge. The other side shows a more pleasant rural scene. The devil’s head at the base appears to be a dispensing hole for the contents of the large jar

Pair of pharmacy storage jars, Naples, Italy, 1756
These earthenware jars are illustrated with scenes from both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.


Jug, Spain, 1601-1700
This jug shows the administration of an enema – a once very common method of introducing liquids such as medications or purgatives into the body via the rectum. The inscription on the side of the jug translates from Spanish as “I am Don Jaoquín Hernandez’s jar. Through my intense devotion to my constitution I find myself on this occasion shamefully syringed at the hands of a serf.” In this context “serf” would have meant his servant.

Albarello pharmacy jar, Deruta, Italy, 1701-1900
The jar has the label “L. SAPHIRUS”, which refers to Lapis Saphirus. This translates from the Latin as “sapphire stone”. Sapphires were used as an ingredient in several drugs, as were other precious stones such as emeralds and rubies. The Spanish royal coat of arms can be seen below the inscription and this jar is just one of a set made for the royal monastery at El Escorial.

---------------Для пиявок-Antique Leech Jars----------------



Pharmacy leech jar, England, 1830-1870


Для пиявок
Leech jar, England, 1831-1859

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